DF Quarter Clipped Front

DF Quarter Clipped

The front shape DF shoes with quarter clips are the fastest growing style in the A class Jumper circuit. The variety of steel sizes, combined with the excellent clip style and punching, has helped lead Kerckhaert to the top in this segment of the market. Now available in 8mm and 10mm thickness. Shoes are symmetrical. Punched for E-head.

  • Variety of stock sizes
  • Shoes are symmetrical
  • Punched for E-head nails
  • V-Crease
  • Radius Clips
  • Good shape makes fitting easy
  • V-Crease provides more secure nail fit to hold shoes better
  • High quality steel provides better wear
  • Shoes are clipped - saving time at the anvil
  • Variety of steel sizes to choose from
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Item #DescriptionPriceQuantity
Kerckhaert DF 0 Fview specs
$8.01 / PR
Kerckhaert DF 1 Fview specs
$8.10 / PR
Kerckhaert DF 1 Fview specs
$8.67 / PR
Kerckhaert DF 2 Fview specs
$8.10 / PR
Kerckhaert DF 2 F view specs
$8.67 / PR
Kerckhaert DF 3 F view specs
$9.15 / PR
Kerckhaert DF 3 Fview specs
$8.67 / PR
Kerckhaert DF 4 F view specs
$9.52 / PR
Kerckhaert DF 4 Fview specs
$9.69 / PR
Kerckhaert DF 4 Fview specs
$10.06 / PR
Kerckhaert DF 5 Fview specs
$10.40 / PR

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